SelfEcho Offers Mobile Therapy to US Veterans

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Jan. 3, 2017 — SelfEcho announces a free 1-year subscription to Mobile Therapy for all military veterans or clinicians providing mental health counseling to Veterans.  Mobile Therapy is the award winning smartphone app and Web platform that empowers clinicians to provide better mental health care.  Interested and eligible clinicians and individuals should visit to apply and learn more.

From the Military Times, “roughly 20 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide, according to new data from the Department of Veterans Affairs.” This speaks to the disturbing mental health crisis facing our veterans.  A movement knowns as #22kill has embarked to raise awareness about military suicides.

Mobile Therapy is the first of its kind smartphone and Web based system that empowers clinical psychologists and mental health professionals to gain key insights into patients’ emotional well-being in between therapy visits.  The software is currently used by clinicians nationwide and in research programs at University of North Carolina, Harvard, and in progress at University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara.

“Veterans need the best mental health counseling available and there are simply not enough clinical psychologists available,” explains SelfEcho CEO, Jacques Habra.  Habra continued, “By offering Mobile Therapy at no charge to veterans and those serving veterans, we can provide a tool that not only provides valuable emotional well-being data to the professional, but also engages the veteran in daily check-ins on their mental health.”  Studies have shown that simply checking in regularly on one’s emotional well-being leads to improved outcomes.  When asked Why SelfEcho doesn’t partner directly with the Veterans Administration, Habra replied, “We would love to create a partnership with the VA, but getting to the right person has been challenging; we’ll keep trying.”

Mobile Therapy is prescribed by clinical psychologists.  The individual patients/clients download an iPhone or Android app and the system passively and actively captures emotional well-being data that is available to clinicians in a Web based platform.  The system has been in the marketplace since early 2014 and over 300 clinicians and 1000 end users have used the system.  Clinicians have touted Mobile Therapy as a “valuable tool that brings me closer to my patient”, and “a very effective way for Clinicians to track key emotional metrics in between therapy visits.”

Habra explains that, “Mobile Therapy has built in triggers and alerts that provide insights to clinicians right when patients are showing signs of beginning a downward spiral.”

“This can be of particular importance for any patient suffering from suicidal tendencies, or withdrawing towards problematic behavior.  The clinician can provide therapy right when it is needed even if the scheduled therapy is days or weeks away,” Habra continues.

The Mobile Therapy Veterans program begins on January 3rd 2017 and entitles any Veteran or validated Clinician serving Veterans to 12 months of Mobile Therapy at no charge.  “Helping veterans is important to our team, investors, and stakeholders and the free use of Mobile Therapy will hopefully add value to address veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, and other mental health conditions,” Habra added.

About SelfEcho:

SelfEcho, a Santa Barbara based start-up, applies technology in creative ways to enhance well-being, mental health, and productivity. The company is committed to the technological application of subject matter experts in the fields of psychology and mental health and seeks to bridge the gap between these individuals and the business sphere. SelfEcho’s management team includes four PhD Psychology leaders including the world renowned Dan Gilbert of Harvard University.

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