The Next Network – The Self Assesment

Imagine accessing your brain like a folder on your computer.  Imagine searching every single frame your eyes have ever seen like you search for photos on your phone.  What about tracking every single place you have ever been, how long you were there and who else was around.  Now, “checking in” with Facebook or Foursquare allows some of this, but the purpose is different.  Most social networks have to do with broadcasting.  I’ve been quoted to say that Facebook status updates are “a cry for help or a broadcast of the ego.”  This remains true (for the most part).

Before we delve further into this concept,  let’s consider a core tenet of entrepreneurship.  For me, it all begins with something the Oracle said in “The Matrix”:

The concept of “temet nosce” or knowing yourself is paramount to entrepreneurship, and to life.  The more data you have on your mental and physical and spiritual capacity, the more organized you will be with any project – certainly starting and managing a business.

The current social networks are all about sharing with others, broadcasting to others.  There is very little value to one’s self assessment.  True self assessment would record your activities in a transparent fashion.  In their current form, tools like Facebook make it easy for you to broadcast only what you want out there.  What’s more, you can delete posts, comments, etc.  So, you are once again putting out there a very narrow slice of who you are – customized.  It’s another form of the ego.

What I am envisioning is a system of tools using mobile apps and web components that track everything and monitor how you spend your time.  You would receive daily, weekly, monthly reports – this data would be incredibly valuable to understanding your self.  To knowing yourself.  With the right coaching coupled to this data, the skies the limit.  If this is interesting to you, please contact me, as I am currently exploring business models around digital self assessment.

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