The Next Big Thing – Experiential

The Next BIG Thing
People always ask me “what’s the next big thing?”  This is right after they usually say, “oh yeah like Facebook, how come you didn’t think of that Jacques?”  To which I’m speechless in a funny way.

The next big thing has everything to do with how we as humans choose to communicate; with which sense and in through which medium.  The three big companies that we will hear about for decades are Google, Apple, and Facebook.  Everything else is infrastructure.  The unique of those 3 is Apple.

It’s the only software+hardware play in the bunch with a strong retail presence.  Google and Facebook care mostly about 1 statistic:  Time Spent on Site.  Apple is in the same race with one strong advantage – the device to the site.

So the answer to “The next big thing” is which company provides the best content and the best interaction to that content will be the next best thing.

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