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I wrote the following in mid May 2011 on a 2 month journey through Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.  Much of my professional career has been built on the concept of the Noosphere – that human beings share thoughts unconsciously.  Check out the image to the right, compliments of the Noosphere Forum.

These thoughts are based on the collective Noosphere continuing to evolve and bring us closer together every day.

Originally Written on May 17th, 2011 somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam

In the mist of a south east Asia adventure, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi, I realized how polar the world truly is.  And by polar I don’t mean cold -well that all depends on how you examine customs.

Consider that at any given moment a westerner is loving their pet cat or dog, kissing them gently, playing with them, that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of similar cats and dogs being tortured, skinned, and prepared for lunch.

Backwards?  Absolutely, but not necessarily right or wrong.  Just as it is indeed the case that millions of people read right non phonetic script from right to left and literally billions that read vertically.  Backwards?  Upside down?  Indeed but not necessarily right or wrong.

As the communications on planet earth reach a seemingly poignant real time crescendo and sharing is no longer a choice but a passive constant function, how will the polar opposites meet.

Certainly it would be true to say that anyone in a state of despair is cancelled out by another in a state of joy, again the exchange is constant and infinite.  World powers have a greater interdependent responsibility than ever before as we as a society slowly replace secrecy and corruption with transparency and global value systems.

Is education the key?  Do animal rights and marine biologists have a point in believing that shark fin poaching can be eliminated through education?  Perhaps but there will always remain the ingrained populations that would never stop harvesting shark fins at any expense.  This leads me to the true question: will the meeting of opposites, cultural and behavioral, require force and controls just as they required in past world wars.

When we as humans stop fighting and reach world peace, will we not find hundreds of issues worth fighting for.  Would you stage war to save your pet cat?  I think I would.

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