Good Marketing Work Geico Insurance, But For Real?

Have you caught this Geico Insurance Commercial?


It’s funny.

But I did some quick math.  Let’s figure the Geico savings, if really good, would be around $400/year.  That’s good money.

Now, the panther I gotta imagine will be about $10,000 startup.  Just getting the paperwork, legal liabilities, zoning, etc – that alone is pricey.  Then, you have to add maintenance, probably $400/month in meat.  What do Panthers eat?

So, i just don’t see the savings at all.  Even if it’s a rescue Panther.  Sorry Geico.

Now for my applause: at least once in my life, and potentially hundreds of thousands depending on how many people read this, I will have said Geico in reference to your brand at least 5 times.

Now, that’s good marketing.

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