Entrepreneurs’ New Years List – To Do’s Before New Years

The new year is upon us.  This will trigger new years’ resolutions.  Weeks later, most resolutions disappear into thin air.  Before you reach that state, consider the following “To Do” as the Entrepreneurs’ New Years List – To Dos Before the New Year.  I find these tenets to help me in my life and reminding myself around the holidays really helps.

  1. Clear and re-arrange your desk.  The more surface area, the better.
  2. Register for at least one networking event you’ve never been to in your community for January, February, and March.  If you’re local to Santa Barbara, I recommend the following:  http://www.mitcentralcoast.com and http://www.westmont.edu/presbreakfast/
  3. Take someone to lunch (or invite someone to coffee) that you’ve admired in the business community in 2011.  Ideally, you’ll set the date before January 1, but that is often difficult given how hectic holidays can be.  For sure, set the date no later than January.
  4. Use a personal financial excel worksheet to visualize your finances in 2012 – here’s a handy onebut there are dozens out there if you search “Personal Financial Excel Worksheet.”  Find one that resonates with you, fill it out.
  5. Notice and adjust your morning pattern.  The first 60 minutes of your day dictate the entire day.  So, that means that how you spend the first 5% of your day will effect the remaining 95%.  Try this each and every morning.  When you awake, breath deeply 10 times, pause intently between each inhale and exhale.  You will have thoughts enter your mind during this exercise, notice them, and let them fade.  Do all 10 breaths.  Then, do your bathroom routine.  Then, stretch your body for at least 5 minutes. This article outlines some excellent options.
  6. Set Intentions for your meetings.  Before checking email, look at your calendar.  Under each item, set an intention for that meeting.  It should just a moment.  You may have a meeting with co-workers to go over a project plan.  Know what questions should get answered and what you want to accomplish from this meeting.
  7. Taste each and every bite of every meal for exactly what it is… nourishment entering your body.  Hopefully it’s tasty nourishment, but become very present to the sense of taste.
  8. Spend at least 10 minutes at the end of the day, sunset or later, reflecting on the day.  What was accomplished?  What could have gone better?  Where can you adjust?
  9. Say “thank you” as often as possible and be 100% sincere each time you say it.
  10. Trust your instinct on relationships.  If you are having any doubts around the holidays, chances are that person in your life is not your ideal match.  The holidays and end of year effect a sort of gravitational pull for people in love, in romance, in sync.  If that pull is causing tension or a desire for distance, listen to this very carefully.  Most relationships that started in the Fall end the first week of January.  You are only shortchanging yourself and the other person by extending the relationship all the way through the holidays.  The energy it takes to maintain a relationship, especially one that is not right, is tremendous.  You’ll need that energy to build your business in 2012.
  11. Consider the people that have helped you this year.  Thank them with a quick email, or phone call, or if time permits a get together.
  12. Smile.  Right now, cause yourself to smile.  It’s an easy panacea to just about any strife.

Hope this helps you embark into 2012 on a good foot.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

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