Energy Above All

If someone asked you “how do you live your life?”

How would you answer?

I think most people figure out a purpose through a code, by defining values, establishing priorities.  From this process, we live consciously the answer to that question.

Lately, I’ve been putting energy above everything else.  Even above moral, ethical and legality.  That doesn’t mean I’m breaking any of those standards.  It just means that my drive is rooted in the energy I receive and I put out.  I’m working on an “App” that helps you track this.  An “App” that will help you know yourself.  Help you live your life more purposefully, joyfully, transparently.  The more you gauge your life through those metrics, the greater and more positive your energy will be towards yourself, others, community, and the singularity that is.

In the case of the entrepreneur, time is a most important factor.  Learning how one spends their time.  With whom?  On What projects.  Where is your energy going each and every day?  How does it affect you? Others? Your business?

The “App”, code named DAS, isn’t ready yet, but I will delineate some methods I’ve learned to manage your time, and energy to success as entrepreneur.


  1. Find the ‘presence’ in just about everything.

    It’s a common talking point “Be Present”.  It’s easier than done.  Start by keeping track of moments, and then minutes, and then hours in which you are totally present.  Hopefully there are some events and tasks that cause you to be present.  For me, certain sports like paddle boarding cause me to be entirely present effortlessly adjusting to the shift in wind, the tide, and my body’s reaction.  Every now and then, I’ll drift off into thought, but I quickly come back (some times in the midst of falling into frigid water).  Another event that I find ‘presence’ in quite easily is dancing.  If it’s a good song and the vibe is on – inside of me and among those around – then that moment consumes me.  I can’t say that always I find such present energy when I write an email or research a client’s position in certain social media platforms, but I do bring the paddle boarding and dancing back in.  After all, I am writing an email and I am researching on behalf of a client.  So, why should my thoughts be on what I’m having for dinner or what my business partner said earlier.  What if each keystroke was as smooth as each paddle stroke?  That’s the idea.  Find the presence in just about everything and start by bringing those present events to each daily task.  I guarantee you’ll be more productive, thoughtful, and purposeful.
  2. You don’t need a mirror to see yourself.
    Knowing yourself is somehow observing yourself as a third party and checking in.  Imagine if there was a camera always on you and monitoring your interactions, the way you speak, what you say.   It’s not a camera with your vantage point, or anyone else’s.   It’s a third camera, observing all and documenting only fact.  Without a filter, it examines your words, gestures, body language.  Even in a state of transparency, we can give off the wrong message if we don’t pay attention.
  3. Do what you say you’re going to do.
    It never ceases to amaze me when people make promises they don’t keep.  I think most of the time they “mean” to keep the promise, but they simply cannot.  They lack the capacity.  I talked about capacity before, but the focus here is on your spoken word.  If you cannot see your way clear to accomplish X, don’t commit to delivering X.  It’s that simple and if you can maintain a high percentage of success in matching what you promise to what you do, you will gain credibility and respect.


What happens when you practice the above is that you find yourself surrounded by people that practice the above tenets as well.  As far as energy, there’s a good chance such behaviors will lead to the kind of energy you want in your life.  Try it, it’s contagious.


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