Clear Motivation

Ever notice when people are stressed out, they clean their house?  Sometimes they go all the way by also getting the car washed, emptying out the fridge, scrubbing the pets, other random organization.  I think part of it is driven by a desire to stay busy, or more to the point, distracted.  Makes me think about “motivation.”  I know each and every time there’s been a challenge in my life, small or big, I have to muster up the motivation to meet and overcome the challenge.  In order to get that inspiration, I need “clear motivation.”  I need to clean out my mind, to focus.  I need to get things organized and ask myself bigger questions.  This “sorting” happens in house cleaning all the time and probably symbolizes the action itself.  It’s important not to confuse the seeking of the clarity as an excuse for inaction.  You should always try things.  If you pay attention while you’re trying, everything becomes clearer – especially your motivation.

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