EducationEntrepreneurship begins with Smart Research

Jacques is currently offering four online courses:

Philosophy of Wealth Creation: An Entrepreneur’s Approach

Habra lives his life by principles of financial management and wealth creation that he will teach in this 3-module course.  The course will enable you to start creating wealth as of day 1.  You will learn the basic techniques to saving more than you spend and strategic investment – even with very small initial capital.  Habra’s approach has created millions in profits for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals; and Habra’s strategic investment process has yielded value returns in the 8 figures.

Things you’ll learn include:

  • Simple Monthly Financial Worksheet
    1. Your overhead – fixed and variable
    2. Your current income / Your current pay rate / Inventory of Time
    3. Debt Analysis
  • What do you love? Other than making money.
    1. Service vs. product
    2. Passive vs. active income
    3. Real Estate
    4. Working for equity
  • The value of assets.
    1. Buying an asset
    2. Creating an asset
    3. Establishing value for an asset
  • Two types of value – Income creation or equity.
    1. Income – monthly income based on passive investment (real estate)
    2. Equity – no immediate income, but value over time based on the ownership and future dividends.
  • Creating your own asset
    1. Traditionally this will give you the greatest return and hopefully tie to your personal passion
    2. Researching the market/sale before starting
    3. Investing on top of something that already sells
    4. Productizing from the start
    5. Knowing your business model

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Vision to Reality:

A step by step guide to taking your startup from an idea all the way to preparation for launch.

Things you’ll learn include:

  1. Students will learn the key aspects of self-awareness in identifying their own role in their startup
  2. How to research the competition, the market, the business model and determine the size of the opportunity and best strategy
  3. The key components of a brand – from logo to bold statement, to mission
  4. How to articulate the WHY of the business as compared to the WHAT and the HOW
  5. Understanding exactly who is the target market and how to capture the target market through analytics and data
  6. How to develop a minimum viable product
  7. Researching and writing technical specification documentation, wireframes, and preparing a package for a designer and engineer to build
  8. How to interview designers and engineers – how to create win/win agreements
  9. The critical aspects of legal, accounting, and financial preparation for a startup
  10. Fundamental checklist before investing real capital into your venture

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Coming Soon...

-Pacing with Others

-Vision to Reality Mentorship Course