Jacques Habra has launched several successful ventures in his 20+ year entrepreneurial career. Current projects include:


Noospheric is a Santa Barbara startup accelerator. Noospheric develops innovative startups and mentors management teams that execute successfully.

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Self Echo

SelfEcho develops technology that improves well-being. Self Echo’s products have been heralded as effective, cutting edge, and scientifically validated innovations to improve wellness.

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First Click

First Click is an online marketing agency led by a team of creative professionals delivering the highest quality Web site development, SEO, SEM, and content strategy services.

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Entrepreneurs’ Coach

Jacques Habra is an award winning entrepreneur, coach, and Managing Director of the Noospheric Startup Accelerator. Let Jacques Habra assist you with the following:

Business Branding

Planning & Strategy

Self Assessment

Public Speaking

Online Sales & Marketing

Business Communication

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Entrepreneurs who truly know them selves and how to research effectively have a much higher rate of success.
Speaking Engagements
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  • Living in the Age of Data and Algorithms
  • Why Mentorship Works
  • Leadership by Effective Communication
  • How to Increase Productivity & Revenue